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We’re all about seeds at Platinum Seed Bank. It’s what we do. And what we do well well is sell a variety of high quality marijuana seeds to hobby growers, professional growers, cannabis seed collectors and the like. We sell feminized marijuana seeds as well as regular marijuana seeds. But what we often get asked about–especially in today’s cannabis climate–are CBD Seeds. We sell those too, FYI.

We’re currently stocking some reputable CBD genetics from Pacific Roots Seeds. But for a lot of people diving into cannabis, growing, extractions and what have you, they’re not sure about the difference between a feminized high quality marijuana seed, a regular top quality marijuana seed and a CBD seed. Well, grab a seat folks, we’re going to school you on just what a CBD seed is and what it does.

What are CBD Seeds
The acronym “CBD” is everywhere these days. Everyone is talking about the benefits of CBD and the kind of medicine it provides. But as we all know, CBD starts with seeds. So what’s the difference between CBD and non-CBD seeds? We’ll tell you. CBD seeds are those which are high in cannabidiol (hence the name, CBD). This is the second most common cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It’s different from THC as it doesn’t offer the same psychoactive effects.

With CBD seeds, some breeders, like Humboldt Seed Organization, have been able to identify and isolate cannabinoids through science and technology and their general expertise in cannabis genetics.

CBD seeds allow you to grow and develop strains which offer a wide range of uses. So you can develop therapeutic products such as oils, snacks, infused products and more. Like their sister seeds, these are top quality cannabis seeds that product top quality finished products. Growers, collectors and connoisseurs all express a great interest in the subset of high quality cannabis genetics.

CBD Seeds Now
The desire for CBD seeds is still in it’s very early stages and over the last couple of years, the demand has grown as there’s become a higher demand and a more receptive market. Because of this slight shift, some cannabis breeders have devoted their time to developing CBD genetics.

Breeders began to explore the medicinal benefits of the CBD compound. High CBD strains are currently being hybridized to meet the desires of the new market and the CBD enthusiasts.

Again, CBD seeds is still in its infancy, but the upswing in demand shows that these are high quality cannabis seeds worth having and exploring and understanding. CBD is popping up everywhere–in your local grocery store, in pet stores by way of oils and topical treatment even injectables like gummies and beauty products. We’re definitely fans of the final product, but we highly recommend the seeds and adding another layer of the ever-captivating marijuana plant to your garden.

We definitely carry some on the site. Check out our dedicated CBD Seeds page. Click here.

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