This week we dropped Slurricane ix (pheno 7 crossed with pheno 2) by InHouse Genetics and if you know…you know. This was a big deal. These top quality cannabis seeds were anticipated by most seasoned growers since cannabis seeds like this don’t come around everyday. We, at
Platinum Seed Bank, were more than happy to deliver on this drop. Why? Because not only were these beans highly anticipated, they’re fems, giving customers even more of a reason to covet these cannabis seeds.

InHouse has a long history of delivering on quality cannabis genetics. They’re known for their high-level micro-breeding which allows them to constantly develop new strains. The breeder was recently featured in High Times Magazine joining the seedbank hall of fame. When it comes to cross breeding and creating limited crosses, they have the upper hand there. Top
quality marijuana seeds are their forte and coveted genetics like Slurricane ix are a testament to why.


Slurricane’s lineage is Dosidos X Purple Punch. To understand Slurricane ix from InHouse Genetics, it’s important to understand it’s lineage and what makes these high quality genetics so great. Slurricane is best described as an indica-dominant hybrid with rich, distinct aromas of a creamy OG with undertones of tropical berries–and here’s why. Dosido is an indica hybrid that’s aromatic and balanced. The strain itself has a welcomed medicinal effect that often lasts longer than average thanks to THC levels falling anywhere between 19% and 30%. You can purchases quality cannabis seeds of this strain online (we sell them, obviously). Dosido has a strong nose even during the grow process. This same nose translates into Slurricane.

Now, that you know about Dosidos and why it’s such a hot ticket, here’s a little bit on Purple Punch. Where Dosidos is a hybrid, Purple Punch is an indica dominant strain. It has a sweet flavor and a sweet smell and it’s celebrated for its berry or grape-like taste. These Purple Punch characteristics trasnlate into Slurricane ix.


No doubt that such high quality cannabis seeds from a reputable breeder like InHouse Genetics would produce a high quality cannabis flower. Popping these cannabis seeds results in a phenotype with an intense medicinal effect. These feminized seeds flower within 8 -9 weeks when grown indoors. The yield is high. The CBD content is low and as we previously mentioned the THC content is well over 20%. It’s an attractive frosty flower with large buds–one that you’ll want in your garden, for sure. Check out some of photos we’ve posted of the flower on Instagram.


Because Slurricane ix is such a rare and coveted strain, it’s limited and since we dropped it, customers have been quick to get their hands on these top quality seeds. You can get them here. As well as check out all of the impressive micro-bred strains from InHouse by shopping the breeder page. Like most hot drops, Slurricane ix is only available through the best seed
banks online–Platinum Seed Bank being one of them. Hit us up with questions about the strain, but know that these beans won’t last long.