Have you ever seen a post on Instagram from your favorite seed bank (hopefully Platinum Seed Bank) and they’re announcing a much-anticipated seed drop? Maybe Exotic Genetix is launching a new fire cross line or In House Genetics just dropped a whole new line that everyone is talking about, could be a RelentlessGenetics drop happening at midnight eastern and you’ve seen the pics and want the beans. 

But you missed the drop. For whatever reason, you didn’t get the gear. You’re pissed, but really you’re super frustrated that you missed this one. 

The bad news? The bank’s not getting those seeds back for a while–if ever. The good news? Sites like Exotic Bird Seed gives you a second chance to get the gear. Huh? Yeah you read that right. There’s a new cannabis seed auction site, Exotic Bird Seed, that’s designed to let you still get in on those coveted beans–or even sell some if you have something worthwhile.

Exotic Bird Seed Cannabis Auction Site

How It Works If You’re Bidding

Maybe you’ve seen these auction sites pop up here and there, but we have to argue that Exotic Bird Seed is definitely one of the more simple cannabis seed auction sites to use. You create an account, browse the site, see what people have to offer and place bids. That’s it. You’ll have access to a dashboard where you can see what you’ve bid on and what’s soon to end. If you want to up your bid–do it. From there you follow the seller’s guidelines on how soon to send payment and what’s next. There’s no limit to how many products you can bid on. The site just asks that you’re serious. And they draw some pretty hard rules there.

How It Works If You’re Selling

If you’re trying to sell some genetics, you do the same thing as far as creating an account. Expect, as a vendor, you upload your product  as it’s outlined in the instructions (Exotic Bird Seed is pretty clear on how it has to be done) and that’s it, you’ve created an auction. You set the rules–meaning how long the auction lasts, the reserve and how soon you want payment sent etc. 

The folks at Exotic Bird Seed basically ensure the product is authentic and also release funds, so there’s no shortcuts on either end and both sellers and buyers feel comfortable. And, like we mentioned, the admin team at Exotic Bird Seed has a no-nonsense policy. One false move (on either end) and they ban you. Our advice? it’s best to play by the rules. 

So those legendary crosses, those super rare Seed Junky packs, those MAC 1 or London Bridge packs that seem to be gone forever, show up on Exotic Bird Seed. If you’re a seed collector and just want to add to your catalog or feel like your grow needs that one strain to be complete, this is it. Check out the site. You may find some rare cannabis seed for auction, or find an outlet for your collection. Let us know what you think and let the bidding begin.