Mastermind, Master Genetics: Mean Gene of Freeborn Selections

The cannabis seed game has no shortage of big names–both veterans and newcomers. Each
coming with strains worth exploring or great stories and history. Then among them there’s Mean
Gene of Freeborn Selections. Known in the industry as an incredible breeder with a highly
developed palate, he’s been researching, developing and creating since 1997. We recently
began carrying his gear and wanted to give you a little history to help you understand just how
dope this really is.

The Mean Gene Method

Hailing from Mendocino, the home of Freeborn Selections, Mean Gene like to release larger
bodies of genetics that he spends decades working on. Once called the seed-popping Picasso,
Mean Gene has a method of manipulating genetics in a way that breaks down any limitations.
His creativity within the genetics space has allowed him to essentially redefine the boundaries of
develop high quality cannabis seeds.

Those who’ve collaborated with Mean Gene, always go back to his knowledge of cannabis. It’s
unmatched. So what he brings to each project is an unsurpassed level of education which
allows him to better understand the plant, the genetics and the nuances. Hence, why he’s
considered a master in the industry. Gene is a resource to some of the most seasoned breeders
from the 70’s. Why? Because this is his life….Really. Mean Gene comes from a culture of
cultivators. His mom was one. So he was basically learning about cannabis since grade school.
When people talk about Mean Gene, they often reference his exceptional nose and palette. He
has a keen ability to visualize what he wants out of a plant and ultimately achieves it. His
method is slow and steady so that over time, he is able to get exactly what he envisioned. His
strains are never accidental. You’ll hear stories where breeders just happened to create a strain
unexpectedly. That’s not the case with Mean Gene. It’s all planned and put into motion early on.
And the results are nothing short of incredible. And there’s no ego with Gene, just sheer passion. He’s fascinated with genetics on every level.

The Deal with Freeborn Selections

Unique profile? That’s Freeborn Selections genetics at its core. These top quality cannabis
seeds are some of the most desirable on the market because of the unforeseen profiles and
crosses. Gene worked extensively for years (decade in fact) create the strains that we’re
carrying. The plants grown from his seeds have been award winning at shows like the Emerald
Cup. Each high quality cannabis strain features unique terpene profiles that perform
exceptionally in outdoor conditions. With strains like the Lime Pop Kush F3 and Skycuddler
Kush F3, we’re carrying some fire genetics that are worth adding to your garden.

If there were ever seeds that you wanted to try, these are the ones. When the opportunity
comes around to get seeds from such a prolific source in the industry, jump on it. This is a
limited release and Gene doesn’t always offer seeds publically. In other words, get the genetics!
If you have questions, you can always email us at [email protected] and be sure
to follow us on Instagram for exclusive info and cool shots of some of your favorite top quality
cannabis strains.