It’s where professional cannabis growers, master cannabis growers, hobby cannabis growers, cannabis enthusiasts, big cannabis industry names and more come together and it’s happening this weekend. It’s the Indo Expo in Denver Colorado. A favorite cannabis industry event, this lasts for two days and it’s an opportunity to see what’s happening in the cannabis industry. The Indo Expo Denver marks the first of the Indo Expo events with subsequent happenings in San Francisco (dates tbd) and Portland in August 2019. 

What to Expect:

If you’re attending this weekend’s Denver Colorado Event, expect an opportunity to learn more about marijuana as a business and a budding (no pun intended) industry. They’ve scheduled workshops and seminars, so for you first-time attendees you’ll find the whole experience to be pretty robust. Along with cannabis focused workshops and seminars, the event includes over 350 vendors showcasing everything from cannabis plant nutrients to labeling to tools to real estate. 

Day 1 is dedicated to industry professionals and business. While Day 2 is open to the general public. 

For cannabis industry professionals, this is a chance to expand your knowledge and take your business to the next level with help from useful vendors. 

What to Bring:

Bring an open-mind and be ready to learn–even when you least expect it. With constant changes in the marijuana industry, this could be the event you need to keep you informed and even have a chance to know your competition. 

Bring business cards. Bring a positive vibe. Bring comfortable shoes (you’ll do a lot of walking). And dress warm–it’s Colorado in January, after all. You never know who you might spark up a conversation or a joint with and that just might lead you outside. 

Will Platinum Seed Bank be There? 

Platinum Seed Bank will not be in attendance to this year’s Indo Expo in Denver. However, in our absence, we’re still doing something special. We’re running a sitewide sale this weekend. So while you’re learning more about the cannabis industry and getting ideas,  you can hop online, go to and place an order for high quality marijuana seeds at a killer price. The entire industry starts with cannabis seeds and as one of the top marijuana seed banks, we’re committed to selling high quality seeds to keep the industry at it’s finest–even when we can’t make the event. 

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Final Thoughts on Indo Expo 2019 in Denver

Enjoy the show. Meet some new folks. Grow your business and listen when they talk about the about the importance of quality genetics.