Seeds. Everyone wants seeds.  

The current state of the world has had a lot of people wondering what to do next. The uncertainty has sparked some creativity and interest in a lot of folks. And what we’ve noticed a lot of since the COVID-19 pandemic started–an increased interest in growing cannabis. 

While several states issued stay at home orders, people started thinking of things to do. Naturally, seasoned growers took this opportunity as a time to finally conduct some of those pheno hunts, others decided to try their hand at growing–for the first time. A first reaction for so many at the height of the pandemic was to rush to dispensaries out of fear that local spots would be shuttered, but then as that dust settled and many spots were deemed essential, people started to think about ways to not only occupy time, but maybe produce their own crops–even if it was only a plant or two. 

Reasons to Grow Your Own Cannabis Seeds

Much like the Victory Gardens that sprung up during World War II, there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with knowing where your food or your cannabis came from and knowing that you aren’t reliant on other sources all the time. But there’s also a sense of comfort knowing exactly how your cannabis was grown and what steps were taken to grow it. First time growing becomes a welcomed project (because it’s really a project with a lot of calculation involved) with a serious reward. And we won’t lie–it’s a pretty sweet feeling to be able to tell your buddy that you grew that cannabis you guys are smoking. 

Best Options for First Time Growers

We hardly give advice on how to grow cannabis, but what we can do is advise you on what cannabis seeds could be best based on your growing experience and your location. Obviously if you’re a seasoned grower, you can handle a strain that’s known for being a bit more of a challenge, however if you’re a new grower, it’s probably best to start with a strain that’s a bit more manageable and conducive to your experience level. Your location also plays a part in the growing equation. Those located in northern locations with short growing seasons may decide that growing cannabis indoors is best. For anyone located in a warmer climate with a long growing season, growing cannabis outdoors is an option. We like to recommend autoflower cannabis seeds to a lot of new growers. Why? Because a lot of the guesswork is taken out of the growing process and you can still grow some fire cannabis without all of the extras. We recommend Fast Buds because of the variety of strains, so you’re most likely to find something you’ll like. 

We noticed that cannabis grow guides were on back ordered on Amazon and the number of customers calling in for the first time to purchase quality cannabis seeds had increased. We knew at that point that the pandemic had really pushed people to try new things. Perhaps it was a result of panicking. Perhaps it was the result of boredom. Or like we mentioned, the sense of being self-reliant appealed to folks. But whatever the case, the pandemic sparked some first-timers and we couldn’t be more pumped to have more cannabis connoisseurs out there growing their own and experimenting with cannabis seeds. Shoot us and email if you’re a first-time grower and you ordered seeds from Platinum Seed Bank. Let us know about your growing experience, what seeds you ordered and any advice you’d give to those doing what you’re doing!