Dying Breed Seeds is a well-known player in the cannabis game. Why? Could be because of the awards and cups they’ve swept up at various cannabis competitions over the years. Could be the name and the ease at which it rolls of the tongue. But we really know that this breeder, headed up by the 3rd Gen Family, gets love for their top quality marijuana seeds as a result of decades of farming experience and a high level of cannabis genetics expertise. That Zkittles you’re enjoying? Thank Dying Breed Seeds for that.

In Mendocino California or the heart of the Emerald Triangle, magic happens. These guys commit to creativity and top level cannabis cultivation through a variety of strains and flavors. Check out some of the photos on our Instagram of the Z Cube Zkittlez if you need convincing of just how incredible the product of these seeds can be.


As a breeder with a longstanding history of success and high quality marijuana seeds, Dying Breed Seeds has always been celebrated for their forward thinking. That forward thinking and creativity is what has set them apart for over a decade. They’ve managed to maximize their location and take advantage of the cultures surrounding the Mendocino area to develop unique strains that almost always deliver in terms of flower and final product.


Without a doubt, Zkittlez has been Dying Breed’s most popular strain. These top quality cannabis seeds have made many-a-farmer happy with the outcome. The same is true of consumers–consistently pleased by the medicine produced from these flowers. Many say it’s the strain’s terpenes that make it stand out most.

The Zkittlez line extends into an incredible group of crosses that pack as much of a hit as their originator. Zkittlez itself is an indica-dominant strain with a lineage of Grape Ape and Grapefruit crossed with an undisclosed strain. Anyone who’s experienced the award-winning strain (Emerald Cup 2016 and Cannabis Cup 2015) waxes poetic about the look of the plant–chunky buds displaying a spectrum of green hues–coupled by a distinct blend of flavors–sweet, tropical and fruity.

In other words, if you’ve had Zkittlez, you’ll most definitely know it and remember and want it in your garden again.


The 3rd Gen Family and Dying Breed Seeds understands the importance of risk-taking when developing new strains. They’ve shown time and time again that top quality marijuana seeds are often the result of trial and error, commitment and a flair of creativity. The skilled set of farmers and breeders are all about taking their cannabis seeds to the next level. And their latest drop is a clear indication of just that.

Dying Breed Seeds has taken those same strong elements of the Zkittlez cannabis strain and crossed it to showcase some marijuana genetics that are worth raving about. Take the wildly popular Watermelon Zkittlez bearing a lineage of Watermelon Zum Zum #3 X Eddy or the much-talked about Melonade Lemonade X Watermelon Zkittlez. In rolls Hyper Zkittlez, Zkittlez X 4 Locoz. These top quality cannabis seeds and so many more showcase Dying Breed’s next level thinking and their commitment to perfection as these marijuana seeds are some of the best marijuana seeds online right now.

As with any exclusive marijuana seed drop, Platinum Seed Bank is one of the seed banks online carrying the line. We encourage you to do some research, if you haven’t already and get to know Dying Breed Seeds–understand the significance of their contribution to the cannabis seed game. The medicine that results from these cannabis seeds is celebrated by both growers and consumers. So if you aren’t convinced yet of why you ought to want these high quality cannabis seeds in your garden, explore the entire Dying Breed Seeds line or reach out to us with recommendations.