Throwbacks? Those certainly aren’t unheard of in the marijuana genetics game. That’s why
we’re dropping something that’s time-tested and true from everyone’s favorite breeder. Meet–or
get re-introduced to– Blueberry Vintage from Alien Genetics. If you’ve been keeping up with our
blog and our Instagram posts, you already know the strong and celebrated reputation that Alien
Genetics has. You can read about it here. And if you’ve been growing for some time, then
you’ve probably heard of the 90’s fire strain, Blueberry Vintage, a welcomed throwback to the
Platinum Seed Bank list of top quality cannabis seeds.


Apart of Alien Genetics’ Blueberry family, Blueberry Vintage takes on a full blueberry flavor and
the buds are full and frosty as well. The flower itself is dark and earthy too.
It’s lineage is long, but impressive. It’s Blueberry x Blueberry x Blueberry Kush x Blueberry x
Sour Apple IBL x Blueberry x Blueberry Kush. The result is some serious top quality cannabis
seeds. They can be grown indoors with an average 60 – 66 day flowering time according to
Alien Genetics or outdoors mid-October.

The Sour Apple from which the Blueberry Vintage hails was described by the breeder as one
that appeared to have “glowing purple grenades.” While Alien Genetics described the Blueberry
Kush as “from another planet” based on its look. As for the taste, the Blueberry Kush registered
a thick and delicious syrup taste. Both, he relegated as “game changers.” It was a must that
these strains come together to form top quality marijuana seeds and ultimately an amazing
cannabis plant.

The Blueberry is an indica-dominant strain dating back to the 1970’s. It’s famous for its
blueberry taste as well as its medicinal properties in helping with sleeplessness and digestion.
As for Sour Apple, it’s also an indica-dominant strain with a distinct sour apple candy aroma and
flavor. It’s full-bodied and potent and designed to relieve stress.


Early in 2018, Alien Genetics dropped blueberry strains, however it’s not until now that the
Blueberry Vintage is available–and naturally Platinum Seed Bank is one of the few seed banks
online carrying these top quality marijuana seeds. An absolute must for any grower’s garden,
these seeds are some of the most high quality marijuana seeds on the market right now. Not to
mention, they’re highly desirable due to their limited quantity. Alien Genetics showed these at
last December’s Emerald Cup, however they haven’t been available through cannabis seed banks
online until now. Check out Alien Genetics breeder page to explore their entire assortment.
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