Not all breeders are created equal. Renowned, Washington state based, Extotic Genetix is proof of that. Their passion for the community runs deep as does their history with seeds and breeding cannabis genetics. Starting their legacy with three strains, Supernatural, Essence and Flurple, Exotic Genetix grew into a grower’s favorite. 

Surely, you’ve seen the result of Exotic Genetix top quality cannabis seeds if you follow us on Instagram or Exotic–big, frosty flowers. That’s always been the goal with this breeder. And the countless awards and Cannabis Cup trophies are evidence of that. 

But to understand Exotic Genetix and why they’re such a celebrated breeder in the cannabis industry, you need to know about why they got started. 

In the early days of cannabis medicine, Exotic Genetix founder, Mike, worked at a local hydro shop where he donated time in exchange for gardening equipment. With customers trying to grow their own medicine and always coming in and asking how to get rid of powdery mildew, bugs and disease in their plants, he began thinking. He genuinely wanted to help these customers, so he took on a personal project. He developed some marijuana seeds. 

His thought was, if the customers began with clean genetics and cleared out their current grows getting rid of the ‘junk,’ they’d have success. He gave these seeds away as a chance for customers to try and pop top quality marijuana seeds. The result? Something special.  Customers kept coming back because they finally had success growing marijuana seeds and the demand grew and grew. So after a year of happily handing out seeds to patients with the hope of growing their own, Mike changed the game and created Exotic Genetix. Always experimenting and seeking to creating the best possible product. 


As mentioned, Exotic Genetix boast top quality cannabis seeds with a successful flowering rate and a wildly attractive finished product that becomes top quality medicine. 


Because, Extotic Genetix founder, Mike, is so wildly passionate about always producing top quality cannabis seeds in different varieties that always please, customers get excited for each new drop he has. Mike was interviewed saying that “Breeding is an art form.” 

So when it comes time to buy top quality cannabis seeds, people look to Extoic Genetix strains like Cookie & Cream F3 a 50/50 hybrid with a Starfighter F2 lineage or Driz-Nipper, another 50/50 hybrid with a Sherb X Cookies & Cream F2 lineage or Dirty Thirty a hybrid with a 65 day flowering time, who’s lineage comes from GMO X Cookies & Cream F2. 

Exotic’s solid marijuana seeds keep avid growers returning, drop after drop. Who can forget Tina and the buzz around those high quality cannabis seeds? Now strains like Cheap Trick are around with a Thin Mint x Tina lineage. 

Exotic Genetix consistently drops new product and appeals to both the marijuana grower and the conniseour because of it’s ideal flower, it’s legit yield and ultimately it’s finished cannabis product. 


The Exotic Genetix drops never disappoint. Mike himself has said that he’s always creating and always looking to create genetics that benefit the paitents and the cannabis community. We always stop the top quality marijuana seeds from Exotic Genetix on Platinum Seed Bank. It’s our goal to make buying canniabis seeds online, something you feel good about–and you can always feel good about buying Exotic Genetix strains because the prouct always delivers. Go back to thta history we talked about earlier. Ingrained into the core of Exotic Genetix is a passion for experimentation, creativity and developing cannibis seeds that you actually want. Mike knows how to do that (the breeder is multi-winnering Cannibis Cup champ, afterall) and that’s why we sell them. Check out the entire line here.