Your Hub for All Things Cannabis:

The internet is overrun with information–almost to the point where it’s overwhelming. For folks in the cannabis industry there seems to be information then you know what to do with and a lot of it is incorrect. That’s changing. A newly launched site, Best Seed Banks, stands to be the hub for all things cannabis related. It’s taking everything growers–commercial and hobby, collectors and connoisseurs care about and putting it all in one place.

Basically the days of engaging in a wildly intense Google search that leads you down a rabbit hole and eventually leaves you reading something that was a complete waste of your time are coming to an end.

As much as an informational site as a community, Best Seeds Banks is slated to provide readers with quality content on breeders (kind of like how we do here at Platinum Seed Bank) as well as information on strains–the popular ones, the exclusive ones and some of the lesser known strains. At Best Seeds Banks, you’ll obviously learn who carries all of the strains you’re searching for as the site offers detailed information and reviews on some of the more reputable seed banks in the industry.

But what we think you’ll enjoy most about Best Seeds Banks along with the significant amount of information on the things you care about most, is the forum. Best Seeds Banks hosts an open forum for people within the cannabis community. Sure you’re familiar with forums–they go way back to the early days of the internet. But here, community members can openly discuss their grows, which genetics they favor most and why, which seed banks they deal with and why, their experiences and happenings within the industry.

We’re certain that there’s a lot of value to be brought to the industry through Best Seeds Banks. They’ll keep you up-to-date on industry events and give you an opportunity to get even more active in the cannabis community if that’s what you’re after. Learn more. Learn growing tips from your peers or even from some folks you admire. And sometimes learn about drops or new strains first.

Best Seeds Banks is the ultimate in the genetics space right now. We encourage you to check it out. You know that we never promote things we don’t truly believe in at Platinum Seed Bank. And if you’ve got questions for us about Best Seeds Banks, just email us at

Here’s to more knowledge and the opportunity to obtain more accurate information about cannabis!