Ever heard of Starfighter? Sure you have. It’s a wildly popular strain. Who made it? Alien Genetics. Known for some of the best marijuana seeds in the industry, Alien Genetics has been around for a while now and have been an industry pioneer in many ways.

If you follow us on Instagram or if you follow Alien Genetics, you’ve seen the finished product from some of their beans.

In 2018, the breeders launched Apple Jaxx, which took off. Why? Because of it’s legit lineage, Fruity Pebble OG x Sour Apple IBL.


Alien Genetics boasts a successful flowering rate and their genetics are reliable.


Sure buying cannabis seeds online is always about preference, success and yield, but for Platinum Seed Bank Customers, it’s also about reputation. Customers who shop with us and already have an affinity for Alien Genetics marijuana seeds tend to.

As we mentioned Alien Genetics Starfighter is a favorite. We’re sure you’re curious to know why. With its lineage being Alien Tahoe OG x Lemon Alien Dawg, the finished product is a 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet earthy aroma. It’s buds are bright green with a medium density. This strain is/was a favorite among both growers and connoisseurs.

However, Alien Genetics has since discontinued Starfighter, but not to worry, strains like Apple Jaxx, Apple Mochi and Apple Gelato among others have picked up with that same stellar result. The entire Apple line, which is backcrossed with Sour Apple IBL is a customer favorite.

When it comes to high quality marijuana seeds that are guaranteed to yield a fire crop, Alien Genetics boasts a solid hold on that.


We recommend checking out the entire Alien Genetics cannabis seed line. The skilled set or breeders are steady releasing new product that’s always well-received.  Alien Genetics breeders are pioneers in the cannabis seed industry and celebrated for their top quality marijuana seeds, their flowers and their finished product. Sometimes you can catch them at cannabis events, but the best place to find them is with us–Platinum Seed Bank. We’re always carrying the latest high quality seeds from Alien Genetics and we can answer most questions you may have.