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Mean Gene of Freeborn Selections

Mastermind, Master Genetics: Mean Gene of Freeborn Selections The cannabis seed game has no shortage of big names--both veterans and newcomers. Each coming with strains worth exploring or great stories and history. Then among them there’s Mean Gene of Freeborn...

Trending: CBD Seeds

Trending: CBD Seeds We’re all about seeds at Platinum Seed Bank. It’s what we do. And what we do well well is sell a variety of high quality marijuana seeds to hobby growers, professional growers, cannabis seed collectors and the like. We sell feminized marijuana...

Best Seeds Banks

Your Hub for All Things Cannabis: The internet is overrun with information--almost to the point where it’s overwhelming. For folks in the cannabis industry there seems to be information then you know what to do with and a lot of it is incorrect....

Dying Breed Seeds

Dying Breed Seeds is a well-known player in the cannabis game. Why? Could be because of the awards and cups they’ve swept up at various cannabis competitions over the years. Could be the name and the ease at which it rolls of the tongue. But we really know that this...

Bringing Back the Classics: Blueberry Vintage by Alien Genetics

Throwbacks? Those certainly aren’t unheard of in the marijuana genetics game. That’s why we’re dropping something that’s time-tested and true from everyone’s favorite breeder. Meet--or get re-introduced to-- Blueberry Vintage from Alien Genetics. If you’ve been...

Slurricane IX by InHouse Genetix

This week we dropped Slurricane ix (pheno 7 crossed with pheno 2) by InHouse Genetics and if you know…you know. This was a big deal. These top quality cannabis seeds were anticipated by most seasoned growers since cannabis seeds like this don’t come around everyday....


BREEDER FEATURE: Exotic Genetix Not all breeders are created equal. Renowned, Washington state based, Extotic Genetix is proof of that. Their passion for the community runs deep as does their history with seeds and breeding cannabis genetics. Starting their legacy...

Indo Expo in Denver Colorado

It’s where professional cannabis growers, master cannabis growers, hobby cannabis growers, cannabis enthusiasts, big cannabis industry names and more come together and it’s happening this weekend. It’s the Indo Expo in Denver Colorado. A favorite cannabis industry...


BREEDER FEATURE: Alien Genetics Ever heard of Starfighter? Sure you have. It’s a wildly popular strain. Who made it? Alien Genetics. Known for some of the best marijuana seeds in the industry, Alien Genetics has been around for a while now and have been an industry...
Cannabis Industry Growth

Cannabis Industry Growth

While cannabis is still illegal at a federal level, states are warming up to the industry. Medical marijuana programs are available in most states and recreational marijuana is following right behind. Cannabis may be the next big legal substance…the growth is...

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